“This book is more than great – it is a must-read for all   people on Planet Earth. It is your survival manual.”
~ Lester Bryman, D.C., C.D.N. -

“Paul Rosen calls upon everyone -- whether patient or health-care provider -- to take back a higher level of responsibility for their own health as well as that of their family, friends and communities.”
~ Freddie Ulan D.C., N.D., C.C.N. -
Founder of Nutrition Response Testing

“Paul Rosen pulls no punches..... This book answers the problem 'Why We Are Sick and How To Get Well'!”
~ Joseph J. Teff D.C.
About the book.....

Your health is being usurped systematically.  Through misdirection, misrepresentation and misdeeds, leaders in medicine and business fail you.  AND it appears we simply can’t rely on the those charged with the duty to safeguard our air, food, water and drug supply. In the meantime, your health slowly slips away.

It’s time to wake up and take control.   If your health is failing and it is failing if you're suffering with any chronic symptom and/or taking prescription medications which suppress those symptoms, then you're missing key information.  Would you prefer to find the root cause of your health concern and use safe, natural and effective means to do so?   Then find the ‘missing piece’ using the evaluation technology of the future today~Nutrition Response Testing.  You are an individual with specific nutritional needs.   Identify those needs and the most complicated health dilemmas are resolved.  You’re not crazy.  There is a solution.  So, what are you waiting for?

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“After reading Paul’s book, the only thought I had was, where can I get my family and myself evaluated?”
~ Shelley Makohon
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